Instadose +

Instadose dosimetry is a smarter radiation monitoring platform that is simplifying administration, reducing costs and transforming how staff are monitored and safeguarded from radiation over-exposure.  
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APex™ Dosimetry

The increased sensitivity inherent in the APex dosimeter  provides accurate dose readings even when exposed to  extreme temperatures or moisture.  As with other OSL technologies, the APex dosimeter can be  reread multiple times, enabling re-evaluation into unusual  exposures.

Broad dose response capability makes the APex ideally-suited for a wide range of applications and environments.

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Extremity Dosimetry

Measuring dose to your extremities is easy 
dosimeters from Mirion Technologies Division (DSD).

These dosimeters are  handle radioisotopes or perform interventional radiographic  procedures.

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Genesis Ultra TLD-BP ™

The Genesis Ultra TLD-BP responds accurately to beta, gamma,  X-ray, and neutron radiation. Unique element correction factors  allow for the reporting of deep, lens of eye and shallow doses.
Unlike other TLD products, the Genesis Ultra TLD-BP has virtually no fading characteristics. Due to the increase in signal response a minimum reportable dose (MRD) as low as 1 mrem (0.01 mSv) is available, compared to the 10 mrem (0.10 mSv) MRD of other TLD products

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Speciality Dosimeters

Specialty dosimeters provide accurate radiation monitoring and dose measurements for specialised applications and/or environments, including: environmental, industrial, energy, health care, research, education, first responders and military/government sectors.  



Getting started with Instadose

Now that you've received your Instadose+ dosimeter...what's next? This video walks you through how to do a manual, on-demand dose read, how to communicate/transmit your dose and how to care and store your dosimeter.


Occupational Dangers of Ionising Radiation

While advances in medical technology enable us to diagnose and treat illnesses faster, better, and earlier…technology also exposes us to more ionizing radiation than ever before. Our healthcare professionals put patients first...but, what about the potential danger they may be putting themselves into? How much ionizing radiation are our healthcare professionals being exposed to?


Smarter Radiation Monitoring

SMARTER radiation monitoring that saves time and money AND better safeguards the health of those who work around medical imaging equipment is HERE!